Episode 8: Breaking Down a Typical IVF Cycle


In this episode I unpack a typical IVF cycle. When it begins, what appointments to expect, medication details, the infamous trigger shot and more! It is a quick listen but packed with info. Disclaimer, not all IVF cycles are outlined like this. In fact, I am currently on a completely different protocol than what I describe. However, this is the most typical and a lot of the info is consistent no matter the protocol. 

For an in depth description on the baseline exam, take a look at my blog post HERE

For injection tips, take a look at all my tips HERE

For an expanded explanation on what an IVF timeline looks like read THIS

For more info on ovarian cysts and how they can cause cycle cancellation read THIS

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Episode 7: Fueling Male Fertility: Nuts, Speedos, Diet Recs & More w/ Lauren Manaker, RDN


June is Men's Health Month so I am bringing something for the guys on this episode. I chat with Lauren Manaker - a reproductive and prenatal dietitian who specializes in fertility. She dishes all the deets on what your man should be eating, what exercising is safe, what he should avoid (hello briefs and saunas), how much sleep he should be getting and SO MUCH MORE. I love her sense of humor that compliments her knowledge; She knows her shit! I know you all will love her.

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Things specifically mentioned on today’s show:

Lauren’s AMAZING blog post of what natural deodorant is best can be found HERE

(she really pulled out the trial and error stops you guys… after reading I immediately ordered what she recommends).

To order that deo for your B.O. click HERE

For the Walnut Mushroom Bolognese recipe I mentioned making click HERE


Episode 6: Secondary Infertility, the Benefits of Therapy & Fertility Signs from the Universe w/ Ali Prato


On episode 6, I talk with the creator of the Infertile AF podcast, Ali and I have gotten to know each other over the past few months and she is a total badass. Ali Prato. Pregnancy came relatively easy with her first baby, Ever. When she started trying again in her late 30s, secondary infertility became her reality. She takes us through the peaks & valleys of her journey. We also talk treatment costs, same sex surrogacy, the benefits of therapy, embracing signs from the universe & more. How can you not love that she named her kids after Beatles & Foo Fighters songs?! Enjoy!

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Follow-ups from the show:

Ali mentioned the following book. While it wasn't necessarily for her, it might be for you!

Every Drunken Cheerleader, Why Not Me?

Buy it here:

For more details on the same sex surrogate couple Ali mentioned, here is the link to their website 

They are seriously adorable! 

Ali’s Fertility Anthem:

“Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles

Ali’s words to live by:

“Everything will be ok in the end and if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”  (John Lennon)


Episode 5: IVF Edu: Preparing Your Body, Mind, Wallet, Office & Relationships

show notes

This has been one of the MOST requested topics and subject behind the majority of questions I get. from other women. One of my coworkers once told me, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." I find that to be especially true with fertility. In this episode I break down preparing into the five categories listed in the title. All of my recommendations come from personal experience, research and talking with other badass women who are conquering the shit out of infertility. 

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For a great article on dairy and infertility click HERE

To begin detoxifying your everyday life check out these products:

My favorite PLASTIC FREE water bottle HERE

Pyrex glass food storage set I mentioned in the episode HERE

My favorite essential oil I use instead of perfume HERE 

Mindfulness Apps I mentioned:

Insight Timer App  HERE

Mindful IVF App HERE

Five Minute Journal to help you start and end your day with a grateful mind click HERE

For info on fertility insurance 101, coverage state by state and how to get coverage at work click HERE

My favorite black leggings that you can TOTALLY get away with at work when you are uncomfortable AF during treatment (super high rise to get over the bloat) click HERE

Episode 4: Wearing Infertility on Your Face & Learning to Get Through Today w/ The Fertility Tribe's Kristyn Hodgdon


Show notes

Today I am talking with the AMAZING, Kristyn Hodgdon of The Fertility Tribe. Her and I are two birds of a feather - our struggles have inspired us to educate and empower women during their own fertility journeys. Talking to her for this episode was like talking to my twin. We are both headstrong; both with our treatment and with finding some way to make some lemonade out of our infertility matter what. Speaking of twins, this girl has been through A LOT. We talk PCOS, IUIs, IVF, cystic acne, hospital roommates, twin pregnancy, preterm labor that led to her sweet family & more. 

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Follow up on things we discussed:

Gentle skin cleanser Kristyn uses HERE

For more info on Blue Light Therapy click HERE

Kristyn's mantra to live by is, "Just get through today... just get through today." 

It sounds simple but I think it is genius because it's true. If we can get through today - all will be ok.

Episode 3: Getting IVF'ed Up & Learning to Love Who You Are w/ Olivia McDonald




On this episode I interview the woman behind the AMAZING Instagram account, @theawkwardwaitingwomb, Olivia McDonald. She is the perfect mix of genuine, sweet and funny and her account brings a voice to topics most of us only think about. We talk infertility anthems, endometriosis, IVF affordability, depression, changing doctors mid treatment, being your own infertility advocate and so much more. I know you guys are going to love her as much as I do. 

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Her faves are:

Press On

Warrior (Hannah Ker)

I Stand Here (Hannah Ker)

Joy (by For King and Country)

This is Me (from The Greatest Showman)

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On this episode I have my very first podcast interview with fertility friend for life, Shelly Mettling. She is the host/author of the Life After Miscarriage podcast and eBook. Shelly has suffered four miscarriages and it was her fifth pregnancy that brought her her rainbow baby, Ryan. On this episode Shelly and I discuss repeat pregnancy loss, fitness and fertility, how relationships are affected during infertility struggles, how to commemorate angel babies, pregnancy announcements and more. 

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Here are some of my favorite quotes from this episode:

“I hit a point where I couldn’t help other people anymore.” 

– regarding shifting her fitness career during her miscarriages

“Do what your friend needs you to do, not what you need yourself to do.” 

– regarding how to support a friend w/ infertility 

“I am somebody who needs to do something drastic when I’m going through some shit.” 

– talking about what made her want to get her tattoo and change her hair color during infertility 

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Episode 1: Infertility Street Cred


Welcome to the Fab Fertility podcast! On this episode you get to know me, Blair Nelson. I have been on my infertility journey for over a year now. I am 1 in 8 AND 1 in 4. This shit is hard and I understand what it’s like to be struggling with infertility and having very few places to turn. The only solace I have found during this difficult time is community among others going through the same things. The truth is, there just aren’t enough resources. That is my WHY – to provide resources and create a community for those suffering from infertility. I want to show the world that just because fertility is hard, doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous! 

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Podcast Trailer

Show notes

I am SO excited to announce the Fab Fertility podcast is FINALLY in motion! Click the link in the player above to listen to the trailer for a little sneak peak of what I have been up to. After becoming inspired by so many amazing women in the Instagram infertility community by sharing my story and hearing theirs, my ambition and passion for reaching a larger audience has taken over. Nothing helps me more than hearing about the stories and strength of other women facing fertility struggles. We are bad ass bitches, y'all. We can get through this together. The goal for my podcast is to inspire, support and educate everyone's unique journey by providing answers to questions we all have and real life stories we can all relate to. The first three episodes will drop the first week of June so you can BINGE!

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