Episode 18: When Your Fertility Path Finally Makes Sense


Jenn Sharp found out early in her TTC journey that her ovarian reserve was extremely low. After attempting IUI cycles that were unsuccessful, her and her husband turned to IVF with donor eggs. She breaks down the donor egg process from the perspective of parent and gets real about the emotions and logistics that come along with the process. In the end, she shares that her crazy journey made sense the second she met her adorable daughter. A well deserved happy ending!  


Episode 16: Egg Donation from Every Perspective w/ Founder o


 My guest on this episode is South African bombshell, Genevieve "Vieve" Uys. At just shy of 30 she has started her own business, Traveling Donors, donated eggs that have results in NINE human lives and started banking her own eggs for future use all in the name of women's health; which I love. We talk egg donation basics but also get into the nitty gritty - you all know I ALWAYS have questions. You will leave this episode understanding the process, the costs and everything in between!

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Asking ALL the Infertility Questions w/ Arielle Spiegel


Arielle Spiegel has made it her mission to answer all of the burning questions us experiencing infertility have. Her own personal journey inspired her to start CoFertility, an online resource providing answers for our community that we can trust. Her approach is genius, genuine and done with humor.

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Arielle’s advice for coping with fertility, “Do not let fertility define you.” Find things to do to look forward to outside of your journey so it doesn’t consume you. 

I couldn’t agree more. 


Episode 13: Traveling Across the Pond for IVF w/ Eloise "Els" Edington


 In this episode, I have my very first guest from the UK, Eloise Edington. Els has been through one of the most incredible journeys I have ever heard that includes genetic factors, traveling across the world for treatments, donor sperm, a twin pregnancy & so much more. She is taking what she has learned along the way to launch, Fertility Help Hub, an e-newsletter packed full of resources for women on their infertility journey. Els, I ADORE you - thank you for sharing your wild ride with us and showing us just how fabulous fertility can be. Xoxo!

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Episode 12: The Path to Surrogacy & Working as a Fertility Acupuncturist w/ Dr. Lauren Schneider



Dr. Lauren Schneider is a fertility acupuncturist that has been on her own fertility journey for many years. IN this episode, she walks us through the evolution of her career, how she helps act as "air traffic control" for her patients during their fertility journey and explains the ins and outs of surrogacy, which is how she ultimately started her family. I always enjoy talking with women who have professions in the fertility world that have also gone through their own journey. I feel it brings an entirely new element to their approach on how they give care that all of us infertility warriors can appreciate. 

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Episode 11: My Miscarriage Story: Why I Started Fab Fertility

On this episode, I get into why I started Fab Fertility. Warning, I get emotional. I still cannot tell the story of my miscarriage without crying. The pain never leaves, there will always be a missing part of my heart & my life will be forever changed. When I reflect back, I know going through that hard time has made me a different woman. I am stronger, appreciate life more than ever & have a fierce desire to help others struggling alongside me with their own fertility.  

Episode 10: How Naturopathy Compliments Fertility Treatments w/ Dr. Rishma Walji


Rishma is the REAL DEAL. She is a naturopath and acupuncture PhD with a clinical focus in fertility. She is based in Canada and is SUPER passionate about women's health. She explains on today's episode, that while she has always been passionate about helping people. there is one patient she can point to that began to shape her career as a women's health expert, specifically. She walks through the seven steps she would walk a new fertility client through and rises to my challenge of providing helpful tidbits along the way. LOVE me some Rishma... enjoy!

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Episode 9: The Relationship You Deserve to Have w/ Your Doctor, When to Switch, Marriage & Infertility, IUIs & IVF w/ Abbe Feder

Show notes

In this episode, Abbe Feder, co-host of the Maculate Conception podcast walks us through her infertility journey, sparing no detail. I appreciate this way of fertility story telling because all of us going through this appreciate details. Throughout the episode, she gives advice on what she would do differently, best practices and how to make hard decisions all with humor and humility.

If you want learn more about Abbe, Isaac and their journey then in her words from this episode, "stalk away!" 

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